2022 Bible Study Guide


    January 1 – Read 1 John 1

                    What does it mean that God is light and in him there is no darkness at all? (v5)

                    Verse 6 says that if we are walking in the darkness while claiming to have fellowship with God we are liars.  Are there any ways that you are walking in the darkness? 

                    What is the remarkable promise we are given in verse 9? 

                    What are some sins that you need to confess to God?

    January 2nd – Read 1 John 2:1-14

                    What does it mean that Jesus is our atoning sacrifice for our sins? (v2, see also Ex 30:10)

                    How do we know we have come to know Christ according to verses 3-6?  What does this say about you, is there evidence that you know him in your life? 

                    What does this say about the person who hates his brother?  Is there hatred in your heart for another brother and sister in Christ?  What should you do about it?

    January 3rd – Read 1 John 2:15-27

                    What does it mean to love the world?

                    What does verse 24 warn us not to lose?  If we do not lose it what are we promised? (v25)

                    How do these verses describe antichrists? 

    January 4th – 1 John 2:28-3:24

                    How would you feel if Jesus returned right now? Excited? Relieved? Ashamed? Why?

                    How does John describe a genuine Christian in this passage?

                    How are we instructed to love our brothers and sisters in this passage?  How can you show love to another believer today?

    January 5th – 1 John 4:1-21

                    Who is John referring to in v 4 when he says “the one who is in you?”  What are the implications of this promise? 

                    Why should we love one another as Christians according to this passage?

                    What gives us confidence on the day of judgement?  Why do you think this is? 

    January 6th – 1 John 5:1-21

                    What does it look like for us to love God? (v3) How are you doing at loving God in this way?

                    What is God’s testimony about his Son and why does it matter to us? (v6-12)

                    What does John teach us here about prayer in verses 14-15?  How does this affect how we pray?  

    January 7th – Psalm 1

                    How do the “blessed” live differently than the rest of the world?

                    What is the point of the tree illustration here?

                    What does it mean to meditate on the “Law of the Lord?”  How are you at doing this?    

    January 8th – Joshua 1

                    God commands Joshua 3 times to be strong and courageous in this chapter.  What would it look like for you to be strong and courageous in your obedience to God?

                    What promise did God make to Joshua that made it possible for him to be strong and courageous?  Do you believe this promise too?  Do you live like you believe it? 

                    What did God command Joshua concerning the Book of the Law (Scripture)?  How would you describe the Scripture’s role in your life?

    January 9th – Joshua 2

                    What motivated Rahab to take the huge risk of aiding the Israelite spies? 

                    When has trusting God motivated you to go against “conventional” wisdom and do something radical like Rahab? 

                    Despite her sinful occupation and background what does it tell us about our God that she is commended for her faith in Heb 11:31, and even included in the earthy line of Jesus Christ (Matt 1:5)?

    January 10th – Joshua 3 

                    Why were the Israelites instructed to stay at a distance from the ark? How do you show that kind of reverence and respect for God’s holiness in your life?

                    In verse 5 Joshua instructs the people to “consecrate yourselves” what does this mean and why does he command the people to do this? 

    How might we prepare ourselves for the Lord to do amazing things in our lives?

    January 11th – Joshua 4

                    What was the purpose of the 12 stones that Joshua commanded the people to take from the Jordan and set up on the other side?    

    What “stones” do you have in your life that remind you of amazing things that God has done?  Who could you tell about them today? 

    January 12th – Joshua 5:1-12

                    Why did God have Joshua circumcise the Israelites again? (V4-7)

                    What is the significance of circumcision to Israel and their relationship to God?  (see Num 14:34; Gen 17:1-14)

                    How is your relationship with God?  Are there any areas of your life that you need to recommit to God?

    January 13th – Joshua 5:13-6:27

                    What is meant by the response “neither” in 5:14?  How might this change how we think in the midst of conflict? 

    Why do you think God gave such strange instruction for the defeat of Jericho?  Has God ever asked you to do something that did not at first make sense and how did you respond? 

                    What battle are you facing in your life that seems like a Jericho?  Are you trying to fight that obstacle your way, or God’s way?

    January 14th – Psalm 2

                    In what ways do we see the rulers of our world rebelling against the Lord? 

                    How does God respond to their rebellion? (v4-6)

                    What commands are given to the kings of the earth in verses 10-12?  How then ought we to pray for our president?

    January 15th – Joshua 7

                    What reason did God give to Joshua for their defeat at the hands of the men of Ai?

                    Is there anything in your life that (unconfessed hidden sin) that would make you liable to destruction like Israel in this story? If so confess and repent of it.

                    What does this story teach us about the effect our sin can have on those around us?  

    January 16th – Joshua 8:1-29

                    Why did God need to remind the Israelites to not be afraid and discouraged in verse 1?  What were they likely afraid of? 

                    Is there an area of your life where you are afraid to step out in faithful obedience to what God is calling you to do perhaps because of a past failure? 

                    Have you ever been discouraged over a past failure, uncertain if God still is willing to work in your life? What do we learn about God by what he does for Israel in this chapter?

    January 17th – Joshua 8:30-35

                    When Joshua wanted to worship God he built an altar, what do you do to worship God, is it a priority for you? 

                    God specifically commanded Joshua and the Israelites to do this in Dt 27:1-8.  What is God trying to teach them? 

                    When was the last time you recommitted your life to Christ? If it has been awhile would you renew your commitment to him today?  

    January 18th – Joshua 9

                    What was the major mistake Israel made in this situation? (V 14)  Have you ever made this same mistake when making a decision?

                    Why didn’t the Israelites just break their promise to the Gibeonites?  (v19-20)

                    What does this passage teach us about how we are to behave when we are deceived or taken advantage of? 

    January 19th – Joshua 10:1-15

                    If you were Israel would you come to the aid of the Gibeonites who had deceived you?  Why do you think Israel did come to their aid? 

                    What are some ways you can come to the aid of someone in need this week? 

                    God intervenes in a dramatic way in this battle, what hope does this give us when we face extremely difficult situations?  Has God ever intervened in a dramatic way in your life?  If so, How?

    January 20th – Joshua 10:16-11:23

                    Why was Israel destroying these cities and peoples so completely without restraint or mercy? (see Dt 7:16).

                    According to Dt 7:16 God knew that the gods of the Cannanites would be a snare to the Israelites, what tends to be a snare for you in this world? 

                    Do you approach sin in your life with the same attitude that Israel does in this passage, are you ruthless, unrelenting, unmerciful, unyielding in your attempts to eradicate sin from your life? 

    January 21st – Psalm 3

                    Have you ever felt like David here that many were out to get you and to oppose you? Describe that time.

                    How does David describe God in this Psalm? 

                    What might it look like for God to sustain us (v5) or deliver (v7) us in desperate times? 

    January 22nd – Joshua 12-13:7

                    In chapter 12 we have a list of all of the victories God has given the Israelites in their quest to take over the Promised Land.  What could you write down as victories that God has given to you over the years of walking with Him?

                    The first verses of chapter 13 list what still needs to be done in taking over the Promised Land, as you look at your life where do you still need God to work, are there any areas that you have neglected to surrender to God? 

    January 23rd - Joshua 13:8-14:5

                    There are some of the people of the land that Israel did not drive out as they were commanded (v 13) and they became a snare to Israel.  Is there anything currently in your life that is a snare drawing you away from God? 

                    What was unique about the inheritance of the Levites?  Would you feel disappointed or excited with their inheritance?  Why?

    January 24th – Joshua 14:5-15

                    How did Caleb follow the Lord wholeheartedly, what did that look like for him?  (see Num 13)

                    Do you follow the Lord wholeheartedly? What does it look like in your life?

                    Caleb was blessed  by God for his faithful obedience and trust, have you seen God’s blessing in your life?  If so how? 

    January 25th – Joshua 15

                    Caleb at 85 was able to drive out the descendants of Anak how is this possible? 

                    What does this teach you about what God can do through you no matter what age you are?

    January 26th – Joshua 16-17

                    What does it teach us about the heart of God that he commanded the daughters of Zelophehad be given an inheritance even though that was not in keeping with the cultural values of the time? 

                    What were the people of Joseph intimidated by causing them no to want to drive out the people of the land?  Have you ever hesitated doing something God called you to do because you were intimidated by it?  What happened?

    January 27th – Joshua 18-19

                    What does it mean to cast lots?  Why do you think they used this method to determine the will of God?

                    How do we determine the will of God in our lives today?  What remarkable resource have we been given as Christians that the Israelites did not have?

                    These chapters remind us that God is a fulfiller of promises, which of God’s promises is the most meaningful to you?  Why?

    January 28th – Psalm 4

                    David is confident that God hears his prayer, do you have the same confidence?  Why or why not?

                    We are urged to not sin in our anger, how might we sin in our anger, how might we be angry and not sin?

                    David describes a great joy from God in his heart greater than any joy wealth might bring him.  Do you feel that same joy?  If so describe it, if not why do you think you don’t?            

    January 29th – Joshua 20

                    What does it tell us about our God that he made it a priority to designate cities of refuge that people could run to for mercy? 

                    How do the cities of refuge paint for us a picture of the Gospel?

                    Are you dealing with the consequences of some sin in your life?  To whom do we run for our refuge in those times? Do you need to run to him today?    

    January 30th – Joshua 21

                    The Levites were the priestly tribe, why do you think God spread them out among the other tribes like he did instead of putting them all in one place?

                    What does it teach us about our God that he made good on all his promises to Israel regarding the land?       

                    Which of God’s promises to you do you most look forward to his fulfilling? Why?

    January 31st – Joshua 22

                    What was the parting command that Joshua gave to the Reubenites, the Gadites and the half tribe of Manasseh? (v5) Do these words describe your commitment to God? Why or why not?

                    Why did the other tribes consider it a bad thing for the Reubenites, Gadites and the half tribe of Manasseh to make at altar on the border of Cannan? (see also Dt 12:10-14)

                    Are you willing to be used by God to confront a brother who appears to be sinning like the nine and a half tribes did here?  Why is this hard?




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